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Tuning trucks with screws

Especially when you use TechDeck trucks, it often happens, that axles become loose and evel fall off. Unfortunately the axles can't be put in just like that. That is why it is proved of value to replace those axles by special screws. Instead of applying the 1,4mm standard bearing screws with super glue, nolliewheels offers the so called extra bearings, which have got a bigger inner diameter, so that 1,6mm screws can be used as well.

What you need:

- 4x Wheels with extra bearings
- 1x Hex-Wrench screw per axle M1,6mm
- 1x Hexagon Key, fitting M1,6mm hex-wrench screws (wrench size 1,5mm)

1. Pull out the axle by a left-hand rotation.

2. Screw the hex-wrench screw with the wheel into the hole.