Tips & Tricks

On this page we assembled some useful tips and reparature tutorials for you:

Glueing nuts on damaged axles

The most fingerboarders certainly know the problem: The Thread on the axle is damaged or so outworn, that the nut doesn't keep tight and falls of again and again and it isn't possible to screw it on properly. In this tutorial, we explain to you, how the thread can be used again and the wheel stays on the axle permanently again.

Glueing loose bearings

Some of you might know the problem, that a bearing becomes loose after a while in the wheel. That is why we wrote a tutorial, which explains to you how you can solve this problem and the bearing is fix in the wheel.

Tuning trucks with screws

Especially when you use TechDeck trucks, it often happens, that axles become loose and evel fall off. Unfortunately the axles can't be put in just like that. That is why it is proved of value to replace those axles by special screws. Instead of applying the 1,4mm standard bearing screws with super glue, nolliewheels offers the so called extra bearings, which have got a bigger inner diameter, so that 1,6mm screws can be used as well.

Affixing nolliewheels plot stickers

Because nolliewheels now offers so called plot stickers, which are high quality stickers, we want to explain you how to apply them properly because they are not as easy to affix as usual stickers. (Preferably only affix on plain surfaces!)