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Glueing nuts on damaged axles

The most fingerboarders certainly know the problem: The Thread on the axle is damaged or so outworn, that the nut doesn't keep tight and falls of again and again and it isn't possible to screw it on properly. In this tutorial, we explain to you, how the thread can be used again and the wheel stays on the axle permanently again.

What you need:

- 1x Superglue
- 1x TechDeck Tool
- 1x Toothpick

1. Apply a small drop of superglue on the toothpick.

2. Apply the superglue on the outworn thread on the axle. But take care, that you won't apply to much glue because the wheel or bearing might stick to this.

3. Let the glue on the axle dry.

4. When the glue is completely dried after a few minutes, put your wheel on the axle and screw on the nut so far, that the wheel has enough space to spin freely and the nut is not about to fall off again.