Tips & Tricks

Glueing loose bearings

Some of you might know the problem, that a bearing becomes loose after a while in the wheel. That is why we wrote a tutorial, which explains to you how you can solve this problem and the bearing is fix in the wheel.

What you need:

- 1x Superglue
- 1x TechDeck Tool
- 1x Toothpick

1. Take the bearing out of the wheel and blow away dust and other contaminations.

2. Apply a small drip of super glue on a piece of paper.

3. Apply just a little bit of this super glue on your toothpick, so that it is just a bit moistened.

4. Then spread the glue on the inner side of the wheel.

5. Finally, attach the bearing with a bearing tool or comparable tools until it is completely fixed.

6. Remove excessive glue.