Tips & Tricks

Affixing nolliewheels plot stickers

Because nolliewheels now offers so called plot stickers, which are high quality stickers, we want to explain you how to apply them properly because they are not as easy to affix as usual stickers. (Preferably only affix on plain surfaces!)

What you need:

- 1x nolliewheels plot sticker

1. Lay the sticker on a hard and level surface and press the upper transparent foil against the letter (do not use pointy items for that, just fingernails or similar)

2. Peel off the transparent foil with the motive or script, so that all letters or parts of the motive stick to the foil as designated.

3. Adjust the wished position for the sticker and press him to this surface.

4. Peel off the foil carefully, so that no letters or parts of the motive are torn off the surface again.

5. Now press all parts of the motive on the surface again, so that everything is properly fixed.

Info: If you have problems peeling off the sticker again, a hot air gun should help. But be careful because materials like plastic, gum etc. could melt by this procedure.